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A fifteen year old girl, alone in her room, sees mysterious text appear across her computer screen. The messages are ominous. Ivory Dickerson, a civil engineer, gained remote access to their computers, giving him the ability to type words onto their screens.

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Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at m. Actually, I think this is more of a threat to myspace itself.

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Mopping up your digital footprint may be nearly impossible, but there is a way to take charge of it. The naked photos purported to be of Hollywood starlets -- some said to have been taken years ago -- that were leaked in a massive breach this week have many people trying to dust off the cobwebs of their digital pasts. Even more troubling, at least one of the hacked stars, Mary E.

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Federal authorities have arrested and charged a year old Florida man for allegedly hacking dozens of Hollywood celebrities, including breaking into Scarlett Johansson's phone and leaking nude pictures of her to the internet. Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida, was charged with 26 counts of accessing protected computers without authorization, identity theft, damaging protected computers without authorization, and wiretapping. The FBI says Chaney hacked into the accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry. The FBI says Chaney used publicly available data about his victims to help him break into their e-mail accounts.

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Celebrities losing their personal data to cybercriminals has been very much in the news recently. Nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Anna Kendrick and around others posted online over and over again. Unless you live in a hole in the ground you must have heard of this one.

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The hack reportedly stole Myspace users' login data including email addresses, Myspace usernames, passwords, and secondary passwords. The information was reportedly made available on an "online hacker forum. According to LeakedSourceinformation was stolen from , accounts.

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He had already served time in federal prison for hacking into Lexis-Nexis. Weinberg was caught through his cyberstalking — he went after an Internet celebrity. Hilton found herself locked out of her MySpace account, and her cellphone account disconnected.

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Facebook has been under heavy attack the last two or three days as the popular social networking site has become the victim of a severe hacking spree affecting nearly every user on the site. A popular spam involves Kim Kardashian with a link to a video. Other spams include mass messages and tagged photos leading people to believe they are in the link or involved with it because it is not personalized.

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A collection of photographs from the Photobucket profile of a user targeted by "fuskers. Brandon Bourret and Athanasios Andrianakis were arrested Friday and accused of creating a piece of software named "Photofucket" that looks through private online photo albums on the photo-sharing site Photobucket. They have not yet responded to the charges.

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