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Find two adult Sims of the opposite sex. This is a requirement unless you have mods installed in your game allowing same sex couples to have children together. The two Sims you have chosen also must have their relationship level high in the "love" category.

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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. To decorate your house with custom artwork, first your sim must have a creativity level of 5 and be able to paint a still life. Have your sim paint and a frame will appear that you can center on whatever you want to paint.

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Woohoo is what sims do in The Sims series instead of having sex. But what is it? You will regret asking that question.

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EA and Maxis bring the wide-open gameplay of the franchise to the consoles with an all-new look. Read Review. If the world was a blank canvas, how would you fill it in?

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Press control shift c and type in Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true ,Exactly as you see it. Then if you are in Create a sim mode press shift n and a box will come up saying you can use the maxis crap. You can be grim, hula grim, invisible body, skeleton, all of the work outfits an the social bunny.

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WooHoo is the Sim version of sex; needless to say, it's common for Romance Sims to roll Wants for it! Tip: WooHoo carries no chance of pregnancy without mods. Use Try For Baby if you want your Sim to get pregnant.

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Babies are the joy of every parent. Sim babies should not be any different, right? Just like real babies, Sim babies are a lot of work.

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Show less The Sims 2, created by Will Wright, is a part of a series containing the best and most accurate life sims around. But sometimes it can get pretty frustrating or boring to play a fair game, so enhance your experience with cheats!

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It sold over a million copies in its first week and is one of the best-selling PC video games of all time. Just as gameplay works in the Sims and Sims 2, players create characters called Sims and control various aspects of their lives without a specific game-provided goal. The overarching motto of all The Sims games has been: "Build.

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The basic cheats are:. For More Cheats you can go to Game Tips. There is another way to have twins by birth. How to make your pregant sim where normal casual clothing I dont know about you but i hate having my sims where maternity clothes so heres how to change that.


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