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Methodist viewpoints concerning homosexuality are diverse because there is no one denomination which represents all Methodists. The World Methodist Councilwhich represents most Methodist denominations, has no official statements regarding sexuality. British Methodism holds a variety of views, and permits ministers to bless same-gender marriages.

After three days of intense debate at a conference in St. Now, a divide of the United Methodist Church, which has 12 million members worldwide, appears imminent. Some pastors and bishops in the United States are already talking about leaving the denomination and possibly creating a new alliance for gay-friendly churches.

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CNN United Methodist churches and clergy could face removal from the denomination if they do not affirm its stance against gay marriage and noncelibate LGBT clergy by The church reached the decision in a vote at a General Conference in St. Louis on Tuesday.

These developments come at a time when many United Methodists in the United States have a more accepting view toward homosexuality. In addition, about half of U. That survey did not include enough United Methodists to analyze separately. The UMC is one of the few major mainline Protestant denominations in the United States that does not sanction same-sex marriage.

The United Methodist Church UMC meets Saturday through Tuesday to weigh options to address the differing convictions on the issue, including some that would lead one side or the other to leave the denomination. This special session of its General Conference, a denominational decision-making body made of around 1, delegates, represents the culmination of years of passionate debate about the application of scriptural teachings, particularly when it comes to issues around sexuality. Decades later, with half the

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We have trained bishops, superintendents, general secretaries, and pastors to serve throughout the world. We sent forth missionaries who founded schools, universities, hospitals, and led movements of social transformation, most notably Henry Appenzeller, the first Methodist missionary to Korea. We count among our alumnae some of the first women to be ordained in the Methodist Church and the first openly gay bishop in The United Methodist Church.

New England leaders of the United Methodist Church are pushing back against the denomination's bans on same-sex marriage and gay clergy. In February, the United Methodist general conference, including members from around the world, voted to uphold the bans. They were reaffirmed a few weeks ago when the church's internal judicial branch decided the positions adhere to its constitution.

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Louis, Mo. Louis Public Radio hide caption. United Methodist Church leaders are meeting in St.

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The United Methodist Church now has The church is founded on three basic principles: 1 Do no harm, avoiding evil of all kinds; 2 Do good, of every possible sort, and as far as possible, to all; and 3 Practice "the ordinances of God," engaging in individual and communal spiritual practices such as prayer, Bible reading, worship and the Lord's Supper. The global church structure mirrors the United States government with judicial, executive and legislative branches.

When the Rev. Mark Thompson resolved to come out of the closet more than a decade ago, he was 50 years old. Thompson was a pastor of a United Methodist Church in Lansing, Michigan, with a wife and three adult children.