Role models for teens

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The life of a teenager involves multiple challenges as she progresses toward becoming an adult. As teenagers navigate their world, it helps to have caring adults provide guidance along the way. As a parent, you and other adults can serve as positive role models to help your teen learn and succeed.

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Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, filling the pages of newspapers, tabloids, magazines, and gossip websites, and appearing on entertainment television shows. The media are fascinated by problems in the private lives of celebrities, and compete to report on their partying, arrests, drug abusebad career choices, drunk driving, divorces, bad parenting decisionspersonal mistakes, struggles, and downward spirals in general. Celebrities who project positive, healthy messages seem to be given less coverage, because drugs, sex, and train wrecks are considered more entertaining.

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In this day and age celebrities are so much more than just celebrities — they are considered to be role models for young and impressionable men and women all over the world. These celebrities are expected to act in a certain way to encourage the younger generations to behave in the best way possible and although there are some stars that go off the rails, there are some celebrity role models for girls that are considered to be good ones. We here at Herinterest decided to investigate further….

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When we say someone serves as a role model, we mean the individual is someone others admire or try to emulate. What do those people have that make them attractive to your teen? Why do teens look up to the other adults in their lives?

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As a year-old girl and keen runner, my role model was a young 1, metres athlete named Kelly Holmes. But when I turned 15, she was replaced by Kate Moss, who was edgy and stylish. She also made smoking a cigarette look cool, so I started smoking, too.

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Here, she shares the role models who inspire her to speak out. My list includes women who are politicians, presenters and students. Their professions are different, but they all have one thing in common: they all believe in something enough to speak out.

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The people teenagers look up to as their role models matter a great deal in determining the shape and substance of the next generation of churchgoers, consumers and citizens. A study conducted by Barna Group among a national sample of teenagers gives new insight into whom teens select as their role models and why those individuals captured their attention. The Question The nationwide sample of teenagers asked to year-olds to identify the person whom they admire most today as a role model, other than their parents.

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Positive role models are essential at any age; however, for pre-teens and teens that are going through their formative years, a role model can positively influence the decisions and choices they make, which in turn can affect the rest of their lives. However, in truth role models can as easily turn out to be negative influencers. As a parent, teacher, or guardian, the trick is to try to understand the motivations behind their role model selection to guide them towards positive ones. You can do this by asking reflective questions that focus on the values, behaviours, and successes of their role model.

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The survey, released early last month, dispels conventional wisdom that celebrities, athletes and entertainers are the primary role models teenagers look to most. Instead, the survey found that After parents,

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When your child was younger, your role was to lay the foundations for his behaviour. For example, you probably showed your child how to cooperate and take turns with others. Now your child is in his teens, he can start taking responsibility for his own behaviour.


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