Teens hairdos in the 1950 s

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In the s, fashion was more conservative and gender-specific than it is today. Teenage girls were expected to wear skirts and dresses in all but the most casual circumstances. Teenage boys had a little more freedom to be casual, wearing dungarees or jeans in the style James Dean and Marlon Brando, popular screen actors of the day.

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Hairstyles have come and gone over the years, that's for sure. While many styles from decades ago have made a comeback recently, a lot of them were specific to a certain time period. Let's take a look back and see which of these memorable looks were all the rage the year you were born.

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It's clear that hair plays an important role in popular culture. Hair trends help to define each new generation and separate it from the one that came before. The s saw drastic changes in hair styles as teenagers and young adults strove to break free of the previous, more conservative, World War II era.

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The s was a stylish, yet conservative, era for women's fashion. Ladies wore long skirts, and pants were not yet seen as acceptable everyday wear for women. Women were expected to always be well groomed and smartly presented in public.

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Long before the fictional Don Draper hit the scene, there were plenty of retro style icons. The s was a transformative time with the emergence or rock and roll, popularity of jazz, and Golden Age of Television and before smoking was bad for you. These oil- and wax-based products make shiny, neat, and creative hairstyles possible.

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February 9, by Brooke Leave a Comment. The 50s hairstyles were very influential. The fifties was a time of prosperity after undergoing the difficulty of World War II.

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In the s hairstyles for men were mainly influenced by music and movie stars. Elvis Presley and James Dean produced a great number of greaser hairstyle fans. Such styles used a lot of hair cosmetics to create a slick wet look.

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A complete guide to the beauty trends of the s, from hairstyles to makeup. Learn how to do rolled bangs, a pompadour, 50s lipstick and liner, and more. Great films, iconic movie stars, and timeless fashion are just a few of the things the s were known for. Below are some ideas and tips on how to recreate the hairstyles and makeup of the s.

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Following on from the hardship of World War II and rationing, the fifties was a time of relative prosperity. Disposable income combined with an increase in mass media encouraged the consumption of fashion. New hair care products, including one-step colours, were designed to allow women to do their own hair easily at home — and women did everything that was possible to change their hair.

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How do you mark the passage of time? While you may do that easily by looking at your watch, smartphone, or calendar, you can look back and tell times have changed by looking at trends. Just like new trends are apparent in fashion from season to season and year to year, so too are trends in the hairstyling industry from one decade to the next.


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